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Top-Sil ML1




• Revolutionary combination of synthetic fibers and
  different elastomers bound in a Multi-Layer structure
• Extended service life and less leakage at
   high temperatures
• High residual flexibility
• Delayed ageing
• Less creep
• High permissible load

This patented material concept and production
process produce a sealing material that stays flexible
and pliable longer, has an extremely high load-bearing
capacity, and seals better with an extended service
life and less leakage in high temperature applications.



Elastic properties

Tightness behavior in saturated steam


The high content HNBR layers that contact the flanges are extremely conformable to flange irregularities and micro pores. This prevents interfacial leakage or leakage at the gasket-flange interface. Yet the denser thicker inner core helps prevent interstitial leakage or leakage through the gasket body.


Typical values refer to 2 mm thick material unless otherwise specified

See graphs for temperature & pressure limits

Compressibility ASTM F36J


Recovery ASTM F36J

>50% minimum

Stress Relaxation DIN 52913


50 MPa, 16 h/175°C
50 MPa, 16 h/300°C

34 MPa
28 MPa

KLINGER Cold/Hot Compression 50 MPa


Thickness Decrease 73°F (23°C)
Thickness Decrease 572°F (300°C)


Tightness DIN 3535/6

< 0.1 mg/s x m

Thickness Increase After Fluid Immersion ASTM F146


ASTM Oil IRM 903: 5 h/300°F (150°C)
ASTM Fuel B: 5 h/73°F (23°C)



106.1lb/ft³ (1.7 g/cm³)

Tests and Approvals

Fire Safe according to DIN EN ISO 10498

Pressure & Temperature Graphs (Click here to learn more about graphs)


  • Manufactured by: Thermoseal \ Klingersil

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